Michael Austin Pritchet

White Court Charity Worker



White Court Charity Worker (High Concept)
Tied to the Underworld (Trouble)
Southern Family; Isolated Soul
Winter Forged; Winter Betrayed
Cock Blocker of Plans
Charity Gone Bad
Cuts Red Tape… Literally


Great (+4): Presence, Discipline

Good (+3): Conviction, Resources

Fair (+2): Rapport, Intimidation, Deceit, Endurance, Guns

Average (+1): Stealth, Empathy, Alertness, Contacts, Athletics

Skill Points: 25 (22 spent)

Stunts & Powers

  • Emotional Vampire (-1)
  • Incite Emotion (-1)
  • Feeding Dependency (+1)
  • Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    • Catch: True Love

The Rest

Base Refresh Level: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3

Physical Stress: O O O
Mental Stress: O O O O
Social Stress: O O O O
Hunger Stress: O O O O

Consequences: None

Power Level: Waist-Deep
Skill Cap: Great


Background (Phase One)

Michael goes to Georgia Tech. He is Southern, well bred, but just got back from prep school out of state in St. Louis. Close to the family, but rebellious. Great friends, and he’s ready to get going… early.

Rising Conflict (Phase Two)

His father died, and his mother too. He was raised by his grandfather, Jasper. He does not know his family had an enemy in the Winter Court. He was sheltered doing charity, but after he met the Winter Court he got lured into the Underworld. He fell from grace, and now he questions why.

The Story (Phase Three)

Comes back from prep school in St. Louis. Finds out that Summer killed his parents. Finds out it was actually Winter Ogre, Griswold. Exposes him, and forces an uneasy truce between Winter and House Pritchet.

Griswold tried to hire Maxwell Speaker, but he refused. They left a card, and Michael followed up with Maxwell to finally find the truth.


Guest Star (Phase Four)

Michael helped (totally by random) Harrison after he got beat down in an alley. He never know about the White Court ties, but helped grind the body up.

Guest Star Redux (Phase Five)

“Daisy” Esther Purcell comes to Michael’s shelter, and he helps her resolve some guy’s widow who’s homeless because some greedy lawyer fucked her estate. He found dirt and set it to her.

Michael Austin Pritchet

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