Maxwell Speaker

Champion of God Seeking Redemption



Penitent, Doubting Champion of God (High Concept)

Desperate for Redemption (Trouble)

Salt of the Earth, Never Too Late, Bad Things Happen To Me, I Can Make A Difference?, Chivalry isn't Dead


Great (+4): Conviction, Endurance

Good (+3): Fists, Might

Fair (+2): Alertness, Athletics, Discipline, Weapons

Average (+1): Craftsmanship, Driving, Intimidation, Investigation, Rapport

Skill Points: 25 (25 spent)

Stunts & Powers

Bless This House (-1)

Guide My Hand (-1)

Holy Touch (-1)

Righteousness (-2)

Black Sword (-1) [-1: It’s a Sword (0), Item Discount (2), Unbreakable (-1), Divine Purpose (1), Holy (-1), True Aim (1 Weapons; -1), Slayer of Dragons (counts as Catch against Dragons, -1)]

The Rest

Base Refresh Level: 7

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Physical Stress: O O O O

Mental Stress: O O O O

Social Stress: O O

Consequences: None

Power Level: Waist-Deep

Skill Cap: Great


Background (Phase One)

Born and raised in Birmingham as a Baptists. Parents worked themselves to death. No siblings – parents were never supposed to have kids. Good, unremarkable kid. Left to orphanage.

Rising Conflict (Phase Two)

Working in Atlanta, trying to get by. Living the grind. Saw a woman getting raped. Knew I should have stopped them. Knew I should have done something. Walked away. They killed her and others. I am to blame.

The Story (Phase Three)

Working at O'Malley's Gym, trying to make a living and start a career in boxing. People came to offer "protection." O'Malley refused, and they wanted to hurt him. In pain, I went to walk away. God invoked his punishment and I got the hell beaten out of me. Literally. Luckily, Harrison was working out whem the men beat down O'Malley and Maxwell. He watched, then took Maxwell aside and offered to help him resolve this once and for all, on our terms. ((PETE)) joined Harrison in helping against the gang running the protection racket. Started an internal conflict in the gang to allow them to be picked off and killed.

Guest Star (Phase Four)

When Michael comes back to town, his parents are dead. Ogres tried to hire me to do it, but I refused. I told myself it was because it was wrong and not because I was afraid. Michael found me later and got the Ogres' info from me. He found the Ogre. Good for him?

Guest Star Redux (Phase Five)


Maxwell Speaker

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