WInter Court Changeling



Part Sidhe, Destined for Winter Court (High Concept)
Nice Guy… Keeps To Himself (Trouble)
Winter is the Cruelest Month
The Love That Dare Note Speak Its Name
Hazy Shade of Winter
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Hooker with a Heart of Ice


Great (+4): Deceit, Guns

Good (+3): Presence, Endurance

Fair (+2): Discipline, Fists, Stealth

Average (+1): Lore, Contacts, Conviction, Investigation

Skill Points: 25 (23 spent)

Stunts & Powers

  • Glamour (-2)
  • Supernatural Toughness (-4)
  • Catch: Cold Iron (+2)

The Rest

Base Refresh Level: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3

Physical Stress: O O O O O O O O
Mental Stress: O O O
Social Stress: O O O O
Armor, Etc.: 2

Consequences: None

Power Level: Waist-Deep
Skill Cap: Great


Background (Phase One)

Harrison was born in Savannah to a single mother who had a one-night stand with a sidhe. Very poor upbringing, his mother died when he was eight.

Rising Conflict (Phase Two)

Thrust into the system, Harrison awkwardly moved into adolescence. He realized he was different, not only due to his fae heritage, but because he was gay. He was bullied and beat and learned to love and trust no one.

The Story (Phase Three)

While turning a trick in an alley with a Councilman on the Atlanta City Council, it turns violent. In the struggle, the Councilman died. Harrison called for help disposing the body by using the number given to him by the Winter Lady. Ten minutes later, a car pulls up and Michael Austin Pritchet pulls up in a grey Audi A10. He’s here by random fate. He donates money, time, clothes, and then sends Harrison on his way. Nice guy, real charity worker, but something is not quite right.

Regardless of how clean the clean-up of the physical remains, the restless spirit seeks out a way to unburden its obsession with its killer. To help close the door to both sides of the veil, “Daisy” Esther Purcell finds Harrison at a coffee shop to broker the final deal.

Guest Star (Phase Four)

Working with Maxwell Speaker, Harrison goes to exact revenge on criminals performing a protection racket.

Guest Star Redux (Phase Five)

Working with the Winter Knight, he blackmails an evangelical priest he was sleeping with so the Knight can destablize the church.


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