"Daisy" Esther Purcell




Spiritualist (High Concept)
Need for Legitimacy (Trouble)
Unwanted Child
The Dead Next Door
Generous Soul
Pay the Ferryman
Opportunity Knocks


Great (+4): Discipline, Conviction

Good (+3): Lore, Empathy

Fair (+2): Resources, Alertness, Contacts, Investigation

Average (+1): Driving, Athletics, Guns, Deceit, Fists

Stunts & Powers

  • Ritual (-2)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Corner of My Eye (-1)

The Rest

Base Refresh Level: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 3

Physical Stress: O O
Mental Stress: O O O O
Social Stress: O O

Consequences: None

Power Level: Waist-Deep
Skill Cap: Great


Background (Phase One)

America. Product of foster care system. Family is unsure and foster family relationship strained.

Rising Conflict (Phase Two)

Social worked and imaginary mother enemies – actual birth parents. No close friends. Seeing what I did changed how I see the world. Left home after I reached 18. No college.

The Story (Phase Three)

When the dead man found me. He name was John and he had recently died. He left behind a loving wife. She lost everything he had meticulously left her in his will to a legal loophole and was in a homeless shelter in Chamblee. She went there and met the charity worker, Michael Austin Pritchett. He was charming, sexy, and what’s more… took care of John’s wife. Even more… 2 weeks later he sent her the dirty dirt to help you take down that lawyer.


Guest Star (Phase Four)

I got Jason Horacek an in with the church via help from the spirits of dead parents.

Guest Star Redux (Phase Five)

Helped Harrison broker the final deal between the man he killed and his restless spirit to lay it to rest.

"Daisy" Esther Purcell

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