Summer Court Hacker



Summer Court Hacker (High Concept)
Everyone Has Secrets (Trouble)
Nobody Has Parents On The Internet
They Made It So Easy
Never Fuck With The Feds
You Can’t Hide From Me
You’re A Whole New Man


Great (+4): Scholarship, Burglery

Good (+3): Discipline, Conviction

Fair (+2): Craftsmanship, Resources, Deceit

Average (+1): Lore, Empathy, Investigation, Athletics, Guns

Skill Points: 25 (24 spent)

Stunts & Powers

  • Hacking (-1): -2 difficult to computer uses of Burglary and Scholarship
  • Let Me Google That For You (-1): Can use Burglary for Exposition trapping

The Rest

Base Refresh Level: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 5

Physical Stress: O O
Mental Stress: O O O O
Social Stress: O O

Consequences: None

Power Level: Waist-Deep
Skill Cap: Great


Background (Phase One)

American. Orphaned and in the foster system since age of 12. Moved around a lot in system. Got into a lot of trouble.

Rising Conflict (Phase Two)

Broke into CIA database. Was offered a job, but turned it down. Upset Victor Thomas. Have dirt on him so he could not arrest me, but he harasses me.

The Story (Phase Three)

FBI came to ask for help trying to trace cyberterrorist. Had to work with Victor Thomas who kept trying to undermine all her efforts, because he’s a dick.

Guest Star (Phase Four)

Helped “Daisy” Esther Purcell to find out all the info on the Internet for her first ghost.

Guest Star, Redux (Phase Five)

Helped Michael Austin Pritchet by cooking his books.


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