Too Busy To Hate

Wolves of Atlanta

Episode 107

Maxwell is training.
Michael gets a bigger gun. Larger caliber pistol. Aspect of “Quiet.”
Black Court has filed a protest against the White and Winter Courts. Winter Court refutes the charges. White Court stands by its proclamations.
Daisy working part time in places.
A thin, nervous ghost, dressed as a Confederate cavalryman, asks for Daisy to come to Kennesaw Mountain. Omar Dennis wants to hire them,
Two Mongolian exchange students.
Jack has homemade wine.
The PCs meet at Terminus to discuss the offer.
Chimera does research on Omar Dennis.
Black sedan following them. Michael cuts him off, and causes an accident.
20-30 ghostly cavalrymen. Only Daisy can see, until the cavalrymen says “Dismount!”
Omar Dennis asks for help. He is an unusually lucid and powerful ghost.
Spirits are disappearing all over the city, and he wants to stop it. He has an army, but he can’t leave with them unless he knows who he is against, and that it’s the right thing to do.
If they do the wrong thing, the spirits will disappear forever.
Omar doesn’t have any ideas where to go, but he keeps hearing something on the wind about “Elbert.”
Gives Daisy a link of his manacle. GIves her a +2 to summon him, or tag the Aspect of “Omar’s Chain.”
Daisy explains to the rest of the group.
Jason hears a wolf howl.
Franken-Dream killed by an animal attack.
Werewolves attack!
Agent Timothy Simpson and Agent Sandra Terrance. Work with Agent Thomas.
Michael calls a tow truck and a taxi, and walks off.
Maxwell calls Patel. He wants to talk tomorrow. Takes their guns and belts.
They fight.
Michael lawyers up to remove him. Finds out that the agents aren’t even supposed to be in Atlanta.
Lay low and let bureaucracy do its job. Michael decides to eat.
The group decides to go after Victor Thomas. They think he is connected to Winston Thomas.
Hacking into Winston Thomas. Finds out about the Georgia Guidestones.
Next day, Patel meets them at the gym.
Patel lays it on the line, and points out that he’s blocking Agent Thomas’ investigations (since he’s on two months’ leave).
Patel mentions that Agent Thomas is in town “visiting family.”
They go off to the Guidestones.


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