Too Busy To Hate

The Final Showdown

Episode 108

Group heads to the Georgia Guidestones.
All in the battle wagon except for Michael.
Meet a stoner kid working the counter.
Find Hebrew woven by Sight into the stone. They eventually find the name “Bezaliel.”
Daisy knows that having access to the name gives power. They debate sounding out the name.
Michael looks back, and the stoner kid is gone.
They look around for the ambush, and realize that the place is well protected from sight.
Michael drives after him. Kid crashes.
Kid has a denarius tattoo on his wrist.
They go to McDonald’s. Michael convinces him that he’s “part of the group.”
He goes on a “vacation” with Michael for a week until the full moon.

Chill For A Week
Michael convinces Herbert to fly to Seattle. He gets a one-way trip to Seattle.
Daisy spends some time to talk to Omar. He’s there to protect the ghosts, much like Daisy.
Daisy tries to find a wizard. Calls Harry Dresden. Asks for a consult.
Father Forthill and Bob.
Council of Narbonne not sanctioned by the Vatican.
INFODUMP from books.
They meet at Terminus.
Infodump again.
Forthill and Bob leave.
They prepare.

The Attack
Michael rents a Honda.
Lots of combat!
Michael takes the coin, puts it in a box.
Maxwell calls Patel.
They take the agent to the hospital.
They go to Chicago.


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