Too Busy To Hate

The Final Showdown
Episode 108

Group heads to the Georgia Guidestones.
All in the battle wagon except for Michael.
Meet a stoner kid working the counter.
Find Hebrew woven by Sight into the stone. They eventually find the name “Bezaliel.”
Daisy knows that having access to the name gives power. They debate sounding out the name.
Michael looks back, and the stoner kid is gone.
They look around for the ambush, and realize that the place is well protected from sight.
Michael drives after him. Kid crashes.
Kid has a denarius tattoo on his wrist.
They go to McDonald’s. Michael convinces him that he’s “part of the group.”
He goes on a “vacation” with Michael for a week until the full moon.

Chill For A Week
Michael convinces Herbert to fly to Seattle. He gets a one-way trip to Seattle.
Daisy spends some time to talk to Omar. He’s there to protect the ghosts, much like Daisy.
Daisy tries to find a wizard. Calls Harry Dresden. Asks for a consult.
Father Forthill and Bob.
Council of Narbonne not sanctioned by the Vatican.
INFODUMP from books.
They meet at Terminus.
Infodump again.
Forthill and Bob leave.
They prepare.

The Attack
Michael rents a Honda.
Lots of combat!
Michael takes the coin, puts it in a box.
Maxwell calls Patel.
They take the agent to the hospital.
They go to Chicago.

Wolves of Atlanta
Episode 107

Maxwell is training.
Michael gets a bigger gun. Larger caliber pistol. Aspect of “Quiet.”
Black Court has filed a protest against the White and Winter Courts. Winter Court refutes the charges. White Court stands by its proclamations.
Daisy working part time in places.
A thin, nervous ghost, dressed as a Confederate cavalryman, asks for Daisy to come to Kennesaw Mountain. Omar Dennis wants to hire them,
Two Mongolian exchange students.
Jack has homemade wine.
The PCs meet at Terminus to discuss the offer.
Chimera does research on Omar Dennis.
Black sedan following them. Michael cuts him off, and causes an accident.
20-30 ghostly cavalrymen. Only Daisy can see, until the cavalrymen says “Dismount!”
Omar Dennis asks for help. He is an unusually lucid and powerful ghost.
Spirits are disappearing all over the city, and he wants to stop it. He has an army, but he can’t leave with them unless he knows who he is against, and that it’s the right thing to do.
If they do the wrong thing, the spirits will disappear forever.
Omar doesn’t have any ideas where to go, but he keeps hearing something on the wind about “Elbert.”
Gives Daisy a link of his manacle. GIves her a +2 to summon him, or tag the Aspect of “Omar’s Chain.”
Daisy explains to the rest of the group.
Jason hears a wolf howl.
Franken-Dream killed by an animal attack.
Werewolves attack!
Agent Timothy Simpson and Agent Sandra Terrance. Work with Agent Thomas.
Michael calls a tow truck and a taxi, and walks off.
Maxwell calls Patel. He wants to talk tomorrow. Takes their guns and belts.
They fight.
Michael lawyers up to remove him. Finds out that the agents aren’t even supposed to be in Atlanta.
Lay low and let bureaucracy do its job. Michael decides to eat.
The group decides to go after Victor Thomas. They think he is connected to Winston Thomas.
Hacking into Winston Thomas. Finds out about the Georgia Guidestones.
Next day, Patel meets them at the gym.
Patel lays it on the line, and points out that he’s blocking Agent Thomas’ investigations (since he’s on two months’ leave).
Patel mentions that Agent Thomas is in town “visiting family.”
They go off to the Guidestones.

Discourse with a Vampire
Episode 106

Talking to the Winter Court
Jason is “defending himself” and not acting as a Knight of the Winter Court. He’s going to “investigate more.”

White Court
Daisy goes to talk to Michael and asks about Esmerelda. Tells him about her experience.
Michael doesn’t know of any legal representation of the Black Court in the area.
Calls his sister (Fiona Pritchet) for the first time in six and a half months. Meet at Terminus.

Let’s Talk
Michael gets a drunk, smelly hobo.
The rest of the group meets at Terminus and compares notes.
Michael Carpenter stops in. Sits down and starts talking to Maxwell.
Fiona comes in, and Michael tells her about the Black Court.
Michael bets her $1 to turn the hobo around.
Meet at Harmony, the veggie Thai place.
Michael shakes Carpenter’s hand. It buzzes and bites, but doesn’t burn.
They decide that they’re going to confront Esmerelda.
Carpenter leaves while they keep talking.
Digression into Fifty Shades of Gray.

Preparation for Meeting with a Vampire
Chimera looks into research on lights. And gets an insane amount of Black Court vampires.
Michael hears about a number of black-dressed kids hanging out at the school.
Maxwell gets garlic, wooden dowels into stakes and crosses.
They make stakes. Daisy makes a talisman that can repel ghosts.
Maxwell uses the sword to make holy water.
They go to the mortuary school close to dawn.

Interview with a Vampire
A dozen or so cars in the parking lot. Some lights in the building are on.
They run into an Evernight game. Michael is already playing in the LARP.
She’s out in the “graveyard.”
They confront Esmerelda.
They beat her into a corner. She is trapped by sunlight and shadow.
Daisy talks some shit.
She is forced to crawl into the trunk.
They start to discuss what to do with her.

Michael takes the vampire home
Takes the vampire to the Pritchet manor.
Peter Pritchet – Prince of the Pritchet House threatens the Black Court. If she comes back, he will kill Michael and declare war on the Black Court.

The ghosts are gone, and the cemetery “blessed” by priests led by Father Winston.

Chimera's Story
Episode 105c

Chimera calls Oleg, and he immediately starts talking to her, as if he called her. “You know, I was just thinking that we have not had chance to celebrate your good fortune! Meet me for dinner at Bacchanalia this evening. Okay? Okay!” He then hangs up.

When Chimera arrives (in what I assume will be her attempt to dress up), she is quickly escorted to a table that is nicely secluded from most of the rest of the floor. Oleg is there, and Malphar (his Ogre bodyguard) is sitting there as well. Both are wearing ill-fitting suits: Oleg’s is too big for him, and Malphar’s is too small. Oleg seems genuinely pleased to see Chimera, and aggressively buries her in small talk and boring corporate details through the ordering and up until the appetizer arrives. Chimera manages to only check her email once or twice during the onslaught.

Finally, he relents. “So what do YOU want to talk about, favorite new employee?”

Why is she turning into a Faerie?

Being a Faerie is hindering her ability to use the computer.

“Well, you’re part of the Summer Court now. The Summer Court of Faerie. You can’t be part of the Summer Court and not be of the Fae. It’s like….” He waves his hands in the air vaguely, as if trying to pluck an answer from the air. "… like trying to breathe water. It is possible, but not a good idea. And you are only a little bit faerie. Not too much.

“Besides, the whole point is to make computer that faeries can use, right? This is just more incentive to work hard at it.” He smiles almost shyly, as if apologetic about it.

“You knew this would happen. Look, I know it is in your nature to trick people with the literal truth.

Here us the deal, I am pretty blunt. I like blunt. I am going to make a pretty shitty Faerie.

You and I can have two very different kinds of relationship.

You can choose to shoot straight with me. Blunt. No double talk. No tricks. No word games. You tell me what you want and exactly all that means. No matter how dark you may think it is. Let me choose with my eyes open. You do this and we can have trust and a healthy relationship.


You can play your Faerie words games. You can trick me. And PISS me off. Big time. This will not lead to a good relationship. In fact I would do my best to fuck you with every loop hole I could find.

I know it is in your nature to double talk. But I am asking you to promise me to do it my way.

Oleg’s smile finally fades. “You wish blunt. Fine. I will be blunt.” His accent seems thicker, and as he speaks she can see him start to sweat, and the strain on his face becomes more pronounced.

“I do not trick you for fun or games. I do not trick you at all. If I were Winter Court, I could have just enslaved you, made you my puppet, and taken what I wanted. That is their way. But I did not do this thing. I showed you a contract, and answered all the questions I could.

“But you say this is ‘in my nature’ without understanding what those words really mean. I cannot speak falsehood much like you cannot fly. I am bound my oaths and contracts the same way you are bound by skin. These are not choices. These are not whimsies. These are who I am. I do this because I AM this.

“When you join the Summer Court, you must be faerie. This is an ancient understanding, much more powerful than any of us. For a time, the magic of the contract will change you, but it will fade, and it will not interfere with using computers. If you wish to remain this way, do not attempt to learn the glamours of our kind. However, you hang out with friends — dangerous friends, I might add — who do use magic. They, I think, are more dangerous to your computers than I. Consider what they do around you before you lay your accusations at my feet.” Chimera starts to interrupt, but Oleg puts his hand out. “No, please. You ask for honesty. This is painful enough. Let me finish.”

“I gave you every chance to walk away. I answered your questions honestly, at cost to myself. I let you spend my money, which I see is already gone. I even let enemies of my court advise you. For much of this, I could be killed. I did this because I think you can offer something new to this ancient feud, this endless war that serves no one. I think you and I can make peace and allow those like me… those like US… to truly join the world as it is, not as it was.”

He leans back, spreading his hands wide. “But if you wish to be angry and petty, feel free to, as you say, fuck me. I promise you on the Nevernever that I have been very kind to you so far. If you choose this route, that will change.”

Malaphar seems to shift slightly at this last bit, but Oleg puts a hand up. “No. She is still part mortal. She still has a choice. She will make it.” The ogre nods and leans back to a comfortable position.

She looks straight at you..assessing every word. When he is done, the silence hangs for a few minutes.

Finally she nods.

“Friends it is then. Good I prefer friends. Just keep in mind, that I know nothing of your ways. I know nothing of what it means to be part of any court, or what your customs are.

Things you take for granted are unknown to me."

She smiles..

“Your right, I do have dangerous friends. But they mean well.”

He smiles as well, and looks a little relieved. "I like friends. I want this to be good. I will try to help you understand.

“And your friends….” He shrugs. “If they are your friends, then they are my friends. But understand that it is hard to get over old wars. Especially when one of them is the Winter Knight.”

Only other thing she is concerned about atm is protecting the new fancy laptop from magiks…

“Things aren’t that far along yet, I’m afraid. I’m able to get some servers working some of the time, but it requires a special case with a lot of interior work. But, assuming Moore’s Law applies to magic, it should be portable in 18 months. Although I hear some of the Winter Court are able to use iPads and the like.”

They continue to engage in small talk.

Maxwell's Story
Episode 105b

Maxwell will contact Detective Patel and tell him that he has found the source of the drugs, but it is something that cannot exactly be addressed by the legal system. If they send police, there will be worse consequences and police men will die needlessly.

Max will ask Detective Patel to go with Max to speak with the Professor.

Patel meets up with Max at the Varsity downtown, discussing the situation over yells of “What’ll ya have?” I assume Maxwell lays it out in his usual blunt, direct style (although not going into supernatural details). The detective listens carefully, and then shakes his head. “I don’t know. I had to file a mountain of paperwork over that homicide scene you and your friends were at a few weeks back. I need to know what’s really going on here, what I’m getting into. If there are bad guys, I want to get them, but I need to know why my men can’t back us up on this.”

I cannot tell you if you should bring them or not. I cannot take that choice from you. What I can tell you is that this thing, this monster is not a man. Not any longer. The drug is creates destroys the sanity of those who take it and the origins of the drug are in the world that the Law was never meant to consider.

All I ask is that you make an informed decision. We need to make sure that the moster is not in his lab and then you and I can confront him. If he makes himself out to be a man, human, rational, then your Law prevails.

If he is, as I know he is, a monster, then we fix that problem without the procedures.

He looks at Maxwell for a long moment. Finally, he carefully takes a badge out of his jacket pocket and puts it into a duffel bag at his feet. “I believe you. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t, but I do. As long as this thing is on your side of the fence, we’ll play by your rules, but as soon as it’s on mine, you’ll let me handle things my way.” He tone doesn’t sound like a question, but he waits for a response anyway.

Maxwell will agree easily as he wants it that way. The best way to ensure you are not becoming a monster is to ensure you can allow decisions like this to be made.

And thus the agreement is forged.

Patel suggests that they go to talk to the Professor that night — if he’s the night owl he appears to be, it’ll be better to talk with him alone. Maxwell opens a bag of his own, revealing crosses borrowed from a local church, garlic cloves still in the plastic bags from the grocery store, and some thick wooden dowel rods from Home Depot that Maxwell clumsily cut to points. Patel is skeptical. “Vampires? Really?” But he goes along with it, dividing up the gear between the two of you.

Patel gives Maxwell a ride in his unmarked car, and they make their way back to the lab, Maxwell giving directions. The process is almost a mirror image of the night before, with the exception that the same student that Michael seduced required no nudging to hold the door open for the two men.

Back up to the lab, Professor Griffin is doing much the same as he was doing before. Maxwell notices, though, that his stance is a little more crooked, like his spine is slightly deformed or frozen in an odd shape. He looks up, but this time his eyes are suspicious. “I suppose you have forgotten the way to the restroom again, young man?”

Patel stands back a step, letting Maxwell lead and keeping an eye on the door.

“No, sir. I have not forgotten you.”

Max will be calm, polite, but clearly uneasy.

“We have tracked the creation of Red Essence to this campus and, specifically, to you. I would like to ask that you come with us and allow officers to search the lab.”

It is clear he is expecting an attack.

The professor looks confused for a moment, and then start screaming. “No no no NO NO NO NO.” He leaps forward and attacks, his eyes wide, his mouth open wide.

Patel instinctively pulls his gun — combat training is hard to break. He fires at the professor, and the side of Griffin’s shirt immediately fills with blood. The wound seems to rock Griffin a little, but he keeps coming.

Default to standard tactics too. Holy touch and punch the fsck out of him. Advantage is that it counts as his catch. Wade in and try to protect Det. Patel as best he can.

Maxwell channels his connection to God, thinking about the people he needs to protect, and hauls back and hits the professor with a haymaker. The heavy blow lands on his chin, snapping his head back. Unlike with the demon-possessed people, however, there’s no mark, no burning flesh or shrinking flesh from the mark of the righteous. He just falls down like an old man punched by a boxer would.

On Griffin’s turn, he lowers his head and runs into Maxwell, trying to get him out of the way. When Griffin hits, his strength is INCREDIBLE, and it actually staggers Maxwell out of the way.

Patel recovers and remembers the tools. He reaches for the garlic and throws it at Griffin. The garlic bounces off the professor’s head, to no obvious effect.

Although Maxwell’s Lore is mediocre, he did refresh his memory on the plot of Dracula while gearing up for this. He remembers reading about Dracula’s minion, Renfield, who wasn’t a full vampire but was very strong. Maybe Griffin isn’t a vampire, but a minion of one?

Maxwell will yell “He’s not the guy, he’s the minion. We need him.”

He will continue to try to pummel Griffin into submission to be able to try to capture him. He is willing to take consequences to do so.

Patel grumbles something about proper information and switches from the gun to hand-to-hand.

At this point, two people who knowledge of fighting will be able to take down one guy who doesn’t, no matter how strong he is or how much damage he can take. In the end both of you are really beat up (a minor consequence each of “Had The Shit Beat Out Of Me”, but it’ll be gone by the next session), and you’ve managed to tie the professor up. You’re far enough away from other people that the scuffle doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention.

Well, now to interrogate him. Max will mostly do that by offering him redemption and a way out from a fate that will surely end up in a dark, black hole.

If possible, Max will try to get him some food and coffee.

The combination of violence and caretaking is really throwing the professor off, especially as Patel naturally moves into the role of “bad cop” and barks vague threats at him. For a while Griffin just hisses and fights against the bonds, more animal than man, but over time he calms down. Slowly, the two men tease out the story: he is a slave to Esmeralda Vorhis, a vampire of the Black Court. She is using Red Essence to get money, and Griffin is making it for her. He doesn’t seem to know much more, but it’s clear that his will is gone — he is a broken man, and probably has been for a while.

Max will try to convince Patel to get the man into some sort of Witness Protection (though secretly believes the man is as good as dead and it bothers him).

He will try to get a location for Esmeralda Vorhis.

Patel can put him into a cell for Intent to Distribute without a problem, but then it becomes a police issue. Otherwise, he can keep him in a hotel room somewhere, but it’s not nearly as secure. He’d prefer the cell idea, though, since stripping the supernatural stuff off of this still makes a pretty clear police case.

She generally comes to his office or his home, but when she first converted him, he remembers her mentioning someone called “Gupton Jones.” “Gupton Jones” isn’t a person, but a place — specifically, the Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service.

Max will not try to stop him, but will caution him that the people involved have no issue corrupting police procedure. He will likely take a hell of a lock of flack for this.

Max will thank him and ask if he can stay in the police area. If there is something to get the professor back, they may not be afraid of killing some cops to do it. Especially since this is about to make a lot of rich people slightly less rich.

Patel goes ahead and risks police custody. Griffin agrees.

And yeah, this might be a good point to bring to the other characters next session.

Daisy's Story
Episode 105a

Daisy will start going around near the university to cemeteries there. She’d listen for the restlessness and gossip of the dead.

The closest cemetery is Decatur Cemetery, about a mile from the main campus. It’s large, covering 54 acres, and beautifully landscaped. Some of the locals even walk their dogs here, and Daisy can find those little poles with dog bag dispensers on them dotting the cemetery grounds.

There are also several employees who patrol and caretake the grounds, so it’s hard to sit down and perform rituals to really have a good conversation with the dead without a plan. However, Daisy’s natural ectomantic talents allow here to get a sense that there’s certainly SOMETHING that’s got the local dead all worked up. There’s a lot of unfocused discussion and talking over each other — the dead equivalent of a stressful cocktail party.

Then she’d come at night at some point (even though it’s against the rules) and attempt to find an area like near the groundskeepers shed to perform her ritual.

Daisy manages to find an area that’s a little secluded, away from the roads and with a bit of overhang from a nearby mausoleum. She sneaks in at night, sets up camp there, and watches for a while to see if anyone shows up. It seems she’s going to be undisturbed long enough to cast her ritual.

She draws a circle on the ground using salt and starts chanting in modified Greek, calling the dead to her. After a few moments, they start to appear, drawn to the circle.

At least, most of them show up. They look like men who have worked in the world’s most unsafe factory. Hands and arms are missing, Knees are completely vacant. Holes appears in sides, and one looks like a high-caliber weapon has taken off the side of her face. As they get closer, though, she notices that the missing pieces look like they’ve been CHEWED off.

They all speak over each other, in various versions of “help us” and “it hurts.”

Wow.. She will ask them what has caused them to become like this. What has been done to them?

Wow.. She will ask them what has caused them to become like this. What has been done to them?It’s hard to get through the gibberish, but eventually you find one shade of an elderly woman who appears stronger and more substantial than the others. She explains that a woman — a corpse, really — has walked through several times a week and scooped bits of their souls from them. She overheard one of the shades call her “Esmeralda,” and the corpse then ate her whole.

Wow.. She will ask them what has caused them to become like this. What has been done to them?It’s hard to get through the gibberish, but eventually you find one shade of an elderly woman who appears stronger and more substantial than the others. She explains that a woman — a corpse, really — has walked through several times a week and scooped bits of their souls from them. She overheard one of the shades call her “Esmeralda,” and the corpse then ate her whole.She instructs the elderly woman to hide from Esmerelda if she can. She asks if she can describe her so she may find her in the living world, or provide any things that might show her true face to Daisy. She thanks the woman for her help and says she will return to attempt to free and release the wounded if she can.

Wow.. She will ask them what has caused them to become like this. What has been done to them?It’s hard to get through the gibberish, but eventually you find one shade of an elderly woman who appears stronger and more substantial than the others. She explains that a woman — a corpse, really — has walked through several times a week and scooped bits of their souls from them. She overheard one of the shades call her “Esmeralda,” and the corpse then ate her whole.She instructs the elderly woman to hide from Esmerelda if she can. She asks if she can describe her so she may find her in the living world, or provide any things that might show her true face to Daisy. She thanks the woman for her help and says she will return to attempt to free and release the wounded if she can.They describe her as a woman who looks like a walking corpse. Her skin is blotchy and falling off, and her hair has completely fallen out. She probably shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Wow.. She will ask them what has caused them to become like this. What has been done to them?It’s hard to get through the gibberish, but eventually you find one shade of an elderly woman who appears stronger and more substantial than the others. She explains that a woman — a corpse, really — has walked through several times a week and scooped bits of their souls from them. She overheard one of the shades call her “Esmeralda,” and the corpse then ate her whole.She instructs the elderly woman to hide from Esmerelda if she can. She asks if she can describe her so she may find her in the living world, or provide any things that might show her true face to Daisy. She thanks the woman for her help and says she will return to attempt to free and release the wounded if she can.They describe her as a woman who looks like a walking corpse. Her skin is blotchy and falling off, and her hair has completely fallen out. She probably shouldn’t be too hard to find.She will attempt, if possible, to help some of the wounded dead find peace if she can, if not, she’ll come back to try to do it.

Red Griffin
Episode 105
  • Obsessions nightclub.
  • Chimera looks into ownership. Primarily African-American. Racist jokes ensue.
  • Michael dresses in Eurotrash, and packs his “one night stand” kit. Everyone else doesn’t change.
  • Daisy gets a concealed carry and a gun.
  • They go to Obsessions.
  • Michael peels off and starts flirting.
  • Daisy and Maxwell notice a guy in the corner with a hoodie.
  • Daisy tries to extract Michael from his feeding. There is grinding.
  • Maxwell notices two guys watching the back table.
  • Michael spends $200 on some Red Essence. It comes in a weirdly antiquated glass bottle.
  • Daisy recognizes that it is a potion.
  • They leave.
  • Chimera notices a black Ford LTD.
  • Maxwell notices the car for a second, and then it drives off.
  • Maxwell notices an Emory Biochemistry Division bumper sticker. “We need to go to Emory.”
  • Cops pulls them over. Pulls Jason aside.
  • Harrison changes Chimera’s appearance.
  • The police check them all carefully, but ultimately let them go.
  • Jason notices while in the cop car that they have a federal warrant on her.
  • They pull over and drink some sodas.
  • Emory is a couple blocks away. Genome Center is a small building.
  • They park and start to make a plan.
  • Michael fast-talks his way into the building.
  • Chimera learns a lot about Lloyd Griffin.
  • Daisy opens her Sight, and sees a twisted bat thing and horrible corruption. Someone who was touched by a Black Court vampire.
  • Maxwell looks in, and sees a “la-BOR-a-tory.” It also feels corrupt and evil.
  • The group plots. And argue. And fracture.
  • They go to Waffle House, and Chimera hacks into the scanner and webcams.
  • Chimera sees a black car outside, and comes back into the Waffle House.
  • Michael and Chimera dig around, and find that Lloyd Griffin’s lack of reporting may cost the university a grant.
A Night At Terminus
Episode 104

The group meet up in Terminus and start sharing stories.


  • Chimera, Harrison, Jason.
  • Just Chimera and Oleg talk.
  • Weird Linux install that works through symbols and connections. Doesn’t connect to outside world.
  • She signs a contract to pledge her fealty to the Summer Court. She becomes a Summer Court fae.
  • Daisy opens her Sight, and notices that she’s now a Summer Court changeling.


  • Daisy and Michael.
  • Michael calls his lawyer Bob to get the restraining order rescinded
  • Bob calls. Daisy notices that something is up with him.
  • Bob gets a little mob protection.
  • Sedan watching them. Michael texts them, and they move in.
  • She puts up a ward of ghosts to cloak the lawyer as the man in the sedan comes in and looks for them.
  • The man leaves.
  • Daisy convinces the lawyer of the supernatural.
  • Signs a contract with the lawyer and takes her on as the client.


  • Harrison, Chimera, and Maxwell.
  • Jack asks about the legal stuff against him.
  • Max Miller, an old trick, comes in and screams before falling over.
  • Gets calmed by Maxwell, and falls asleep.
  • Jack looks concerned.
  • Maxwell tries to force the drug out of him with God’s grace, and lays on hands. Causes him to puke it up.
  • Facebook account. “Franken-Dream”
  • Next party: a couple of weeks from now.


  • Jason.
  • Two people standing in front of his door.
  • He veils, and sees two people in front of his door.
  • Chimera and Harrison.
  • Man tries to stab Harrison.
  • Maxwell arrives.
  • Knock out the man, murder the woman.


  • Maxwell protects Vish, who owes him a favor.


  • Vish arrives on the scene.
  • Recognize denarian tattoo.
  • Denarius is the symbol of Narbonne Consortium.
  • Vital asks for statements.
  • Daisy pulls the woman’s soul out, who tells about the Council of Narbonne.


  • Negotiations with the dragon.
  • Agreed to take the drugs off the street.
  • Treaty for six months. They will renegotiate in Winter.
Do Not Meddle In The Affairs of Dragons
Episode 103

Heading to Stone Mountain to investigate Thither and Yon.
Daisy’s 1967 VW Microbus. Michael has Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Chimera is driving her scooter.
Daisy is driving through ghosts. She changes seats, and starts to talk to them.
She sees a gangland murder of several men (as ghosts). God also brings Maxwell here.
She sees the cycle break, and the bodies are put on fire.
Michael is listening to conservative radio.
Cipher remembers a story about the murders where the bodies were set on fire.
Black van shows up, with three goblins with guns coming out.
Three Goblins have tracked them down. One trapped under the van, one knocked out. Yon escaped to the Nevernever, with a burn from cold iron on the forehead.
Hither is interrogated. Alan Corey. A social ghost that takes over mobs.
Paid in old spanish dabloons.
Michael convinces Thither to act as a mole. Maxwell renegotiates.
They agree to have Thither and Hither hang out in the Nevernever for a month and a day, everything Thither and Hither knows about Alan, and both will be allowed to leave unmolested.
Alan Corey is just a name. He’s really Ashkore. He took over the Nolan mob to get the gym.
Police start to arrive. Daisy manages to get the van moving, while Maxwell and Michael wait for the police.
Daisy tells them about dragons. Oh shit.
They meet back at Michael’s apartment in the evening to compare notes.
Chimera searches on the gym. Something communal in each place, but something tragic happened each time over the years.
All of the businesses around the area are bought by Mr. Corey.
Daisy theorizes that the gym might be a lay line nexus. Chimera points out that streets and sewers and the like all seem to point to or around the gym.
Going to have a meeting with Bernice Hill in the Olympic Park.
She breaks her iPad, tells them to avoid him in future, and leaves.

A White Court Party Don't Stop
Episode 102

Party in Michael’s apartment in Bindings.
Goes to purchase a gun and armor. (He’ll get these in a few days.)
Inviting friends. Bernice Hill RSVPs.
Apartment at the top of a new high-rise condo building. Token security.
Plays 80s rock and roll in the elevator.
Floor divided into three tenements. He has one. Trying to convince the others to come to the party.
Daisy gets some new clients. Male and female couple. Woman wants to meet her grandmother. (One-time +1 to Resources roll.)
Bernice Hill arrives. She smoozed with Michael and then talks to Jason. She asks about Thither and Yon, and is convinced they’re part of Summer.
She tries to hit on Harrison, and fails. She gives him a card, which is cold to the touch.
Two men hit on Daisy. They fail. She says she’s with “Frank.”
She quietly edits herself out of the party.
Lottery for who will stay with Pritchet.
Cipher mentions that what she did isn’t quite a violation of the Accords.
The rest of the group goes off to talk about what happened with Thither and Yon, and the escalation of the events.
Frank talks to Daisy. His house used to be here. Died “when that Kennedy was about to be elected.” She talks to him, as a part of a ritual to eventually help him pass on.

Brian Nolan, head of the Nolan mob. “Respected Businessman.”
Two police officers deliver a restraining order against her by Winston Thomas.
Signed by Judge Andreas Spiro Giangos.
They all meet back at the apartment.
Michael knows about Oleg Bulganin, and offers him as a contact.
They express concern about talking to the fae, but ultimately agree. Jason asks for an audience through the Nevernever. Oleg accepts.

They make their way to the King and Queen Towers.
Oleg is a techie. Computer server protected from magic?
Lots of negotiation with Oleg. He is reluctant, but admits that the Nolan family have largely died off. “As a private citizen.”
He offers any information about the Narbonne Company that he finds, formally and officially.
He knows something, but he wants to spend a night with Cipher. Negotiates down to an hour.
They extensively negotiate, but Cipher agrees.
“Do not go anywhere near Stone Mountain.”


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